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Why Worker ID? Because Every Second Counts In An Emergency.

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Are you ready to raise the bar on safety?

You don’t settle for less than the very best in anything you do. Why settle for less when it comes to worker safety? Every day, the workforce puts it all out on the line. They work in some of the most dangerous environments and the most extreme conditions. A worksite accident or injury is a very real possibility. So, how do you ensure the health and safety of your workers? Safety requirements are always changing and evolving. And, hopefully improving for the better. But, it’s still not quite where it needs to be. Far too often, industries rely on minimum requirements when designing their safety programs.

Minimum safety requirements are just that…the minimum.

Not you, however. You go the extra mile for your employees. You believe in being prepared. And you find the gaps in safety and create proactive solutions.

Vital ID believes in going the extra mile. They know safety goes beyond providing our workforce with the bare bones requirements. That’s why they developed the Worker ID. Worker ID products provide paramedics and first-responders with critical medical information for faster and more appropriate treatment. And, it provides important contact information to allow responders to notify loved ones of the situation immediately.

Worker ID is made from durable, reflective, water-resistant and non-conductive materials and can stand up to tough conditions. And the synthetic paper ID tag inside is 100% waterproof, so vital information stays dry and safe.

Make sure your workers can receive immediate attention and life-saving treatment when it matters most. Cover the gaps in your safety program with Worker ID.

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Worker ID products are perfect for employees, subcontractors, remote workers and new hires in industries such as:


Construction is where it started for us and is a strong market for the use of Worker Emergency ID tags.

Power System

We have a strong customer base in the power generation industry in particular those produced via renewable sources.


Our Worker ID tags are utilized by open cast and traditional mines in as number different countries.

Oil and Gas

As with construction, the oil and gas industry have proven to be market leaders in the use of Emergency ID for their workforce.

Heavy Industry

Hazardous work environments, manufacturing, materials production and high intensity industry have a clear need for Worker ID in their safety culture.

Railways & Roads

Construction and maintenance of our roads and railway infrastructure. Busy, time-sensitive and often dangerous work environments. Ideal situations of the use of Worker Emergency ID.


Sure, a worker’s medical information may be in their records. But, is it accurate? Can it be accessed quickly?

Seconds count when responding to an accident or illness. Worker ID offers fast and secure access to a person’s medical and contact information. Information that an individual may not feel comfortable sharing with his or her employer or some company database.

Store important information such as:

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